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About Electronic Stock Ltd

Electronic Stock Ltd. specializes in the sales and  marketing of electronic components. The company, owned by Arie and Boaz Fridman, was founded in 1977 and bought by Electronic Stock in 2002.

The company's fields of expertise include:

Supplying electronic components to the military, as well as to the medical industries

Locating obsolete components

Supplying alternate components for obsolete ones, using an extensive database for locating identical components according to catalog number

Conversion of DSN and DSCC numbers

The company keeps a large supply of new and old components and tools in stock, for amateurs and technicians:

Testing equipment – new or used, including guarantee on used equipment

Tools – standard tools as well as special tools for electronics

All types of cables – including standard cable, by the meter and according to specification

Adapters – adapters for computers, audio systems and telephony

Kits for amateurs

Accessories for tape recorders and record players

Reference materials

Technical literature


In addition, the company provides special acquisition services for plants and institutions, making it possible to import special and unconventional components and accessories. Components can be ordered by telephone or fax.

There Isn't a Component in the World We Can't Find

Electronic Stock holds a large stock of electronic components for immediate delivery, as well as constantly searching for new, top quality sources, suppliers and manufacturers, in order to ensure reliable, speedy and inexpensive supply.

In addition, the company is a member of an international suppliers' organization who keep a stock. The members stay in close contact thus enabling speedy location and delivery of components. Electronic Stock is the only company in Israel connected to the United States Army's electronic component database, enabling the supply of any component in that database within a short time.

Electronic Stock's aim is to provide their customers with the best, uncompromising products. That's the reason for a comprehensive quality assurance system, even testing components that have originally been tested. The company provides their customers with technical consultation and planning assistance, as well as original solutions to any level
of electronics problem.

Electronic Stock Ltd. provides service to the military industry in Israel, as well as to military industries abroad. Among our customers can be found:

The Ministry of Defense

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

BVR Systems

Elbit Systems

Electronic Optics – Elop

United States Department of Defense

IAI Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.


Orbit Technology Group

Association of the United States Army



For additional details – contact us and we will be happy to be of service.

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